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Uozu Buried Forest Museum

Uozu Buried Forest Museum

History and Outline

Opened in 1955 and remodeled in 1992. This museum preserves and displays Uozu buried forest designated as a national monument. Uozu buried forest is the ruin of the virgin cedar forests buried from about 1500 to 2000 years ago. The roots which over 500 years old were excavated from the ruins. The original program of the “Shinkiro” (mirage), a natural wonder of Toyama Bay, is shown at a high-definition hall with a 300-inch screen.


Permanent exhibition, planning exhibition (about twice a year)
A High-vision hall
Museum class, publication of PR brochure “Umoregi”

Collection and Exhibition

Preservation and exhibition of the buried forest (research on the excavated roots and history of each era)
Display of the principle of the mirage and photographs

814 Shakado, Uozu-shi, Toyama-ken 937-0067 Japan
+81 765-22-1049
9:00am–5:00pm (no entry is permitted after 4:30pm)
Monday and the day after a national holiday during the period from December to mid-March, from December 29 to January 1
Parking provided
20 minutes walk from JR Uozu Station on the JR Hokuriku Line or Toyama Chiho Railway Shin-Uozu Station.
10 minutes by car from Hokuriku Expressway Uozu I.C.