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Toyama Municipal Folk craft Village

Toyama Municipal Folk craft Village

History and Outline

Folk craft Museum was opened in June 1965. After that, Folk craft Gassho Museum and Folklore Museum were also built. The place was named “Toyama Municipal Folk craft Village” in November 1979 as a cultural village hoped for unification of learning and relaxation. At the same time, an archaeological museum was built there. After opening the village, the Ceramic Art Museum, a tea ceremony room “Maruyama-an”, a management center and museum of medicine were built one after another. The Takayama Gyujin Memorial Art Museum was opened in 1989. Toyama Clay Doll Studio was opened in 1993. The Ceramic Art Museum was designated as the national tangible cultural properties.


Permanent exhibition
Exhibition of items in the collection (4 times a year at The Takamura Gyujin Memorial Art Museum, twice a year at Folk craft Museum, once a year at Ceramics Art Museum)
Special exhibitions (twice a year)
“Fureai” (rapport) Village Festival (once a year)
Ceramics class (from April to December), hand-painting on china
“Bata-Bata tea” ceremony (from March to December, once a month)
Support a meeting group

Collection and Exhibition

◆History and Folklore
Collects and displays historical and folklore materials of Toyama (tools for patent medicines, buried cultural properties, living and production utensils)
A part of having materials of the patent medicine is designated as the national tangible cultural and folklore properties.
◆Folk craft
Collects and displays articles of folk handicraft that confirms to use from home and abroad. (Ceramic, dyed textile fabrics, wood lacquer ware, metalworking arts, braided crafts, folk paintings, glasswork etc.)
Hands down to the posterity of the works of Takamura Gyujin, a Chinese-ink painting artist from Toyama City and displays his works as a culture created from the region.

Management Center, 1118-1 Anyobo, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken 930-0881 Japan
+81 76-433-8270
from December 28 to January 4, temporary closure
Parking provided
From JR Toyama Station on the JR Hokuriku Line,
Toyama Museum Bus: Take the bus from the CiC Building in front of the station (for free).
The bus departs on the hour from 10:00am to 4:00pm (7 buses/day).
Toyama Chitetsu bus: Take the bus for Shin-Sakuradani-cho, get off at Anyobo bus stop, and walk 5 minutes, or take the bus for Kurehayama-Rojin-Center, get off at Toyama-shi Minzoku Mingei Mura bus stop, in front of the facility.