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Temple Zuiryuji

Temple Zuiryuji

History and Outline

Maeda Toshitsune, 3rd lord of the Kaga domain constructed a temple of the Soto sect of Zuiryu-ji to pray to Buddha for the repose of Maeda Toshinaga, 2nd lord of the Kaga domain. Zuiryu-ji is a Zen Buddhism architecture representing the early Edo period, constructed by the master-hand Yamagami Zenemon-Yoshihiro as a head. This temple is equipped with “Shichido-garan” (7 halls for ascetic practices), “San-mon” (main gate to the temple), “Butsuden” (Buddha hall) and “Hatto” (hall where daily services, important ceremonies and lectures are hold). “San-mon”, “Butsuden”and “Hatto” were designated as the national treasures and other buildings were designated important cultural assets. It is said that it took 20 years at the very least to build this temple from the 2nd year of the Shoho era to the 2nd year of the Meireki era. This temple’s “So-mon” (outermost gate of temple) is in the Yakuimon style, “San-mon” is the old style of Zen Buddhism, “Butsuden” has a lead roof and the workmanship of the garret is excellent. This temple’s “Hatto” is in the eclectic style of the Shoin and the Hojo architecture. Its “Zendo” (Zen hall) has many things worth seeing such as how to use “Osa-ranma” (comblike screen), and a“Daisado” (tea ceremony hall) were also reconstructed. Zuiryuji features the excellent “Garanhaichi” style (symmetry).


Collection and Exhibition

35 Sekihon-machi, Takaoka-shi, Toyama-ken 933-0863 Japan
+81 766-22-0179
9:00am–4:30pm (the winter season [December 10-January 31]: 9:00am-4:00pm)
Open throughout the year
Parking provided
15 minutes walk from JR Takaoka Station’s south exit.