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Tateyama Nature Conservation Center

Tateyama Nature Conservation Center

History and Outline

As an ecological museum that indoor that displays indoor and outdoor nature collectively, this center is regarded all over Murodo-daira as “the land of the snow grouse” .


Collection and Exhibition

1F (Invitation)
The room used for various purposes such as guidance for how to spend time in the land of snow grouse, film show and group learning.
2F (Learning)
Displays precious animals and plants of Mt.Tateyama such as snow grouse and alpine plants.
3F (Rapport)
Information desk concerned with Mt.Tateyama which also functions as a for nature study tour.
Tateyama information plaza (provides general information), general guidance and reception for nature study tour

Asikuraji (Murododaira) Tateyama-machi, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama-ken 930-1414 Japan
+81 76-463-5401
8:30am–5:00pm (to 5:30pm from July 16 to August 31)
Open during the period from May 1 to October 31
Approx. 2 hours by train, cable car and highland bus from JR Toyama Station.
Approx. 2 hours by bus, trolley bus, cable car, ropeway and trolley bus from Shinano-omachi Station on the JR Oito Line.
※Only passenger buses (no private car) allowed on Tateyama toll road.
Displays and explains about the relationship between the nature of Tateyama and people around a core of snow grouse, an Alpine bird representing the Japan Alps (a special natural treasure).