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宗教法人 千光寺

History and Outline

Founded by Hodo-Entoku, the Tenjiku priest in 703. After the Kanmu dynasty, it was the temple for the Imperial Household across seven generations. It was destroyed by fire when Uesugi Kenshin attacked. Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered its reconstruct and donated to it the “Kinsei-shuin-jo” (an official document) when he subjugated the Etchu region. After that, the lord of Kaga approved of the Senkou-ji temple as a place of prayer for the domain.


“Kwannon-do” (The Kwannon room), “Hon-do” (the main room of temple), “Enma-do” (a room for the king of hell), “Shoro” (a bell tower), “Inari-do” (a room for the god Inari), a rest place for the Emperor and Empress, “Kyo-do” (a room to keep a sutra), “Kuri” (the kitchen of temple), “San-mon” (the main gate of temple)

Collection and Exhibition

The statue of St. Kwannon (the Hakuo period)
“Daiitokumyo-ou-zu” (the picture of the King Daiitokumyo)
“Ryokai-Mandala-zu” (the picture of Mandala of both heaven and hell)(the Kamakura period)
“Hono-tou” by Uesugi Kenshin (dedicated Japanese sword)(made by Osafune Hisamitsu of Bizen)

1111 Seritani, Tonami-shi, Toyama-ken 939-1416 Japan
+81 763-37-0072
Open throughout the year
Parking provided
Change to JR Johana Line at JR Takaoka Station and get off at JR Tonami Station.
Take Kaetsuno bus for Ranjo-yama from JR Tonami Station and get off at Senkou-ji bus stop and walk 2 minutes.
Senkou-ji is the old temple of the Shingon sect founded 1,300 years ago.