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Namerikawa-City Museum

Namerikawa-City Museum

History and Outline

Constructed in October 1979 as library and museum complex in Namerikawa City Culture Center. And later moved into the facilities of Hiraki, Namerikawa City in July 2001.


Collection, preservation, investigation, research and spread education concerned with local history, folk and natural science
Permanent exhibition, planning exhibition (13 plans a year), science class for young people

Collection and Exhibition

Permanent exhibition・・Exhibition of the history of Namerikawa City and of early local sages
Main items in the collection・・Archives, documents concerned with rioting prompted by soaring rice prices and electricity dispute collected at compilation work of the history of Namerikawa City
Documents concerned with Iwaki Shonojo, a temple carpenter
Specimens of butterfly, rock and fossil
Early works of Shimoda Yoshihiro, a councilor of the Japan Art Academy
Documents of modern music of Takashina Tetsuo
Tools of modern craftsmen

676 Hiraki, Namerikawa-shi Toyama-ken 936-0835 Japan
+81 76-474-9200
10:00am–6:00pm (no entry is permitted after 5:30pm)
Monday, the 3rd Sunday, national holiday, the year-end and New Year, excluding special opening days
Parking provided
Take the city community bus (Dainichi/Muroyama route) from JR Namerikawa Station on the JR Hokuriku Line, or Toyama Chiho Railway Namerikawa Station or Nakanamerikawa Station for 20 or 25 minutes to get off at Hakubutsukan-mae bus stop
2 minutes by car from Hokuriku Expressway Namerikawa I.C.
Exhibition of the history of Namerikawa City as permanent exhibition and various planning exhibitions around a core of special exhibition.