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Inotani Sekisyokan

Inotani Sekisyokan

History and Outline

The Nishi-Inotani Sekisyo (barrier) of the domain of Toyama, which is stationed prominently on the Hida Highway that links Etchu with Hida, was opened in 1641 and closed in 1872. Displays the archives, armor and tools which were left at the sekisyo and entrusted to us from the descendants of the generations of sekisyo guards. Also displays the statue of Buddha carved by Enku, a Buddhist monk and found at the shrine in the closed village.


Collection and Exhibition

3 statues of God and 2 statues of Buddha carved by Enku who was a Buddhist monk
The panoramic view of Jinzu valley
The reconstruction of Inotani barrier
The archives of “Goyakugin-aicho (tax ledger) imposed a duty on rice, fish and salt which were carried to Hida”, “Nishi-Inotani Sekisyo-gatame (guard a barrier) against the incidents of the world” and “Sekisyo-tegata”(a pass)
The relics of Katakake-ioridani silver mine prospered in the early Edo era and “Kago-no-watashi” (carrying by palanquin) and etc.

978-4 Inotani, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken 939-2187 Japan
+81 76-484-1007
9:00am–5:00pm (no entry is permitted after 4:30pm)
Monday, the 3rd Sunday, the day after a national holiday, the year-end and New Year
Parking provided
1 minute from JR Inotani Station on the JR Takayama Line.
40 minutes by car from Hokuriku Expressway Toyama I.C.
100 m west (toward the mountain) from Inotani traffic light on National Route 41
Displays materials and documents with pictures (Sekisyo series).