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INAMI History and Folklore Museum

INAMI History and Folklore Museum

History and Outline

The Takase ruins, where this institute is located, was discovered in October 1970 when plowed the land. The following April, the ruins was noted to be the remains of government offices from the early Heian era during an excavation research by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and was designated as the national ruins in March 1972. Over a period of two years from 1973 to 1974, the ruins was developed as a historic park to house and display the artifacts and also collect and preserve historical and folk materials of the Tonami area. Founded in April 1976 by Inami Town and contributes to the rise of local culture with special exhibition 3 times a year.


Permanent exhibition, planning exhibition
General meeting and lecture, the Takase ruins Sweet-flag Festival, publication of the transactions of the preservation society (twice a year), seminar trip of the preservation society

Collection and Exhibition

“Sue-ki”, “Haji-ki”, “Mokkan”, “Bokusho-doki”, “Chukon” and etc. excavated from the Takase ruins

736 Takase, Nanto-shi, Toyama-ken 932-0252 Japan
+81 763-82-5050
Monday, the day after a national holiday, from December 29 to January 3
Parking provided
Take a bus for Inami・Shogawa from JR Fukuno Station and get off at Takase-jinjya-mae bus stop and walk 15minutes.
20 minutes by car from Hokuriku Expressway Tonami I.C.