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Himi City Museum

Himi City Museum

History and Outline

Opened in August 1982. Himi City Museum was constructed in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the city’s incorporation and located in the Himi City Education and Culture Center where is a complex consists of this museum, Himi City Library and Himi City Central Public Hall.
In the Himi area, located at the roots of the Noto Peninsula and commanding a view of Toyama Bay to the east, the remnants of people’s lives from olden times and many other cultural properties can be found. This museum collects and exhibits the footsteps of the predecessors and a lot of materials and documents.


Permanent exhibition
Planning exhibition, special exhibition (2–3 times a year)
Meeting to explain materials and documents
Publication of “The Compilation of Modern Historical Documents of Himi City”, “The Compilation of Folk Materials of Himi City”, “The Series of People Connected with Himi City”, “The Museum Annual Report”, “The Instruction and Pictorial Record for Special Exhibitions” and etc.

Collection and Exhibition

Permanent exhibition
- Walking - The history and nature of Himi City
- Catching – Fixed net to catch yellowtails
- Making - Pioneering and side business
Main Materials on Display
A diorama of the Ozakai cavern, a restored private house and folk materials of the Meiji era, a geographical features model of the whole area of Himi, a model of a large-sized fixed net, a geographical features of the seafloor, fishing tools and living tools for fishery house, “Genna 7-nen Himi Ao Tarumi-niban Akiami Kyoka nitsuki Unjogin Moshiwatashi-jo (Ueno Monjo)” (Demand for payment of taxes pursuant to 1621 permit for autumn net fishing in Himi and Ao)

4-9 Hon-machi, Himi-shi, Toyama-ken 935-0016 Japan
+81 766-74-8231
9:00am–5:00pm (no entry is permitted after 4:30pm)
Monday, national holiday, from December 28 to January 4
* Inquire about holiday openings and substitute holidays
Parking provided
Get off at JR Himi Station on the JR Himi Line and walk 500 m northwest, 7 minutes.
Take the Kaetsuno bus from the bus station “4” at JR Takaoka on the JR Hokuriku Line for Himi Shimin-hospital-mae, Mera-elementary-school-mae, Waki or Tsuboike, and get off at Himi-shimin-kaikan-mae and walk 1 minute.
10 minutes by car from Noetsu Expressway Himi I.C.
Collects and displays materials and documents about the history, archaeology and folk of Himi.