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Fukuoka Camera Museum

Fukuoka Camera Museum

History and Outline

Fukuoka Camera Museum took notice of classic camera boom and intended to utilize the scientific technological change and the world of the picture with camera as life study. In addition, it was opened as a base of cultural institution to develop the local culture, make the town more attractive and create the turnout of the central city area.
Since the opening, we have introduced cameras and its structure and history as a permanent exhibition. We also have held photo exhibition as a plan exhibition to introduce the charm of photographs and photography.


Collection and Exhibition

There are about 1000 items related to camera including classic cameras, about 1000 books and 120 photographs in this museum, and we have been trying to collect more.
We consider an exhibition of camera as a permanent exhibition and exchange the contents of it four times a year.
As a plan exhibition, we have held photo exhibition of Japanese well-known photographers such as Nobuyoshi Araki, Mitsuaki Iwago, Shinzo Maeda and Shotaro Akiyama. In addition, we held an open call for participants photo exhibition that had Mr. Mitsuaki Iwago cooperates as a judge. We have been making an effort to spread and develop of the camera culture.

559Fukuokashin,Fukuoka-machi,Takaoka-shi,Toyama-ken 939-0117 Japan
+81 766-64-0550
9:00am-5:00pm (last entry / 4:30pm.)
Mondays (except national holidays), the following day of the national holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays, temporary closing
Parking provided (capacity of 30 cars)
5-minute walk from Fukuoka Station on the JR Hokuriku Line.
5-minute by car from the Fukuoka IC on the Noetsu Expressway.
Exhibition of classic cameras, photo exhibition of well-known photographers