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The Kurobe River Electric Memorial Museum

The Kurobe River Electric Memorial Museum

History and Outline

Development of the Kurobe Gorge into a hydroelectric power resource began in 1917 with surveys of the previously unexplored area, and reached full scale in 1924 with the construction of the Yanagawara Power Plant. Today, the Kurobe River is one of Japan’s greatest natural power resources, with 10 plants that generate 892,700 kW of electricity.
The Kurobe River Electric Memorial Museum was opened in April 1987 by the Kansai Electric Company with hopes to communicate widely the history and significance of pioneering efforts to develop this power resource. Through videos and life-sized models, it introduces the construction work of the “Kuroyon” (Kurobe No. 4) Power Station, known as the greatest achievement of the century, and the fierce and yet beautiful nature in the Kurobe Gorge.


Collection and Exhibition

Kuroyon NOW television monitor displaying live footage of the Kurobe Dam
Large-sized model of Kurobe dam
Large-sized panoramic model introducing the full span of the Kurobe River
Video library (construction work of the Kuroyon Power Station, nature in the Kurobe Gorge, legends of Kurobe, etc.)

11, Kurobekyokoku-guchi, Kurobe-shi, Toyama-ken, 938-0293 Japan
+81 765-62-1334
7:30am–6:00pm (from April 20 to November 30)
9:00am-4:00pm (from December 1 to April 19)
Tuesday during the period from December 1 to April 19
3 minutes walk from Toyama Chiho Railway Unazuki-onsen Station.
20 minutes by car from Hokuriku Expressway Kurobe I.C.